April 11, 2009

Happy Easter

We're not doing anything Easter-y, no church, no egg hunt, but I just watched the Ten Commandments on Google. It was that or Ben-Hur, and I'm not sure what leprosy and chariots have to do with Easter, so Moses won. Either way, I'm chock full o' Heston, and would have preferred Cadbury's Cream Eggs. I have to believe that the '56 Heston version is superior in every way to the 2007 remake with Christian "Grab-ass" Slater as Moses. What the hell were they thinking?

We roasted a chicken for dinner and got the skin super crispy and delicious, thanks butter! And last night we tried Bofingers, not knowing it was full rack Friday, or exactly how much meat a full rack was...we're both going to die of heart attacks, I think. And spend our afterlife plagued by all the animals we ate. Mournful cows with sad eyes will follow us, and vengeful chickens will peck at our ankles for eternity. Perhaps I should rethink this 'not going to church' thing, but I have no respect for people who only go to hedge their bets. Believe, don't believe, it's all good, but fakers be damned. I'll take my chances with the army of chickens.


Angela said...

We are not going to church either. We had a pretty bad church experience a few years back. Let's just say they called it a church but it had the makings of a cult. :)

Anyway, we like to call them shakers and fakers. I do believe in God and Jesus. I believe in Heaven and I do think I am going there. I just do not believe in church and *most* of the people that fill the pews.

Modris said...

I think you know my stance on religion and churches well enough by now that I can skip the rant. Happy Easter to you both, eat a chocolate bunny.

The closest I've come to doing anything Easter related is starting to read Watership Down. It's pretty good so far, but it fills me with an overwhelming sense of impending doom. Maybe that's how rabbits feel all the time?


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