April 14, 2009

Babysitting, no spanking.

Apartment hunt - 4 appointments tomorrow.

Job - 0.5! We are half employed. Gord got a call back from one of the student painting companies, and he'll be starting when we get back from our trip home. That takes a little pressure off.

And the weird job situation keeps on rolling for me. I applied to a babysitting company, and they want me to send in photos before they will set up a phone interview. You know what would be less creepy, guy? If you did in person interviews and didn't ask for photos. You'd see what you wanted to see, and I wouldn't think you've got something other than babysitting on your mind. But thanks for the heads up on the creep-o-meter, and don't be surprised when I don't call you back. I repeat, I am not yet that desperate.

Best news - ice cream sale at Loblaws, 2 for $6. We got mint chocolate chip and creamsicle.


Angela said...

Mint chocolate chip is my favorite! Enjoy! Good luck on the job search.

Is there a photography shop or book store you could work in? Waitress?

Lisa said...

I have been applying for everything! The difficulty is that I don't really speak french, and I'm not a good liar, so I can't breeze into an interview and claim bilingualism. I thought my best hope would be painting, because they don't need you to talk, but it's an oddly competitive field. Oh, well. I'll find something, it's just frustrating to not have it pinned down yet. :)


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