November 28, 2008

I made a sale!

Actually, I had 3 sales today, which is so much better than I'd hoped. Granted, friends and family have placed orders and it's possible they like me more than they like the pictures and are being wonderfully supportive - not that I'm complaining! Any sale is a good sale, and I'm not too proud to take your money. But there's one from a complete stranger which makes me happy. And, she's from Texas, so I get to learn all about customs forms, and get that hurdle out of the way early. I have the orders all packaged and ready to go - I just need to trek to the post office and ship them out.

We also got our first Christmas card in the mail, Gord has gone through 2 cartons of egg nog, I crocheted myself a toque - if only it would SNOW, it would be nice and Christmasy.

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