November 22, 2008

Don't worry

We're not dead, just boring.

I'm having a hell of a time getting the cello envelopes I ordered for shipping photos, they keep getting stuck at customs and sent back. So I ordered some from a different company, and hopefully they will be here next week. I don't want to cancel the original order, because the guy has been really good about resending the package but COME ON. It shouldn't take over a month to get here.

Bet you didn't miss the whining while I was away.

We're heading up to the Dollar Cinema today to finally see Dark Knight. With $2 admission and $1 snacks, we can get in and get popcorn for the price of renting, and there are some movies that have to have a big screen. Anything where a semi flips over is in that category. I wasn't a huge fan of the Batman Begins movie, but that's probably because Miss Katie Holmes distracted me every time she was on screen. I can't wait for her memoirs to come out. Will she explain what happened those days she went missing?
Granted, that link is for Fox News, but still. Can you recover from a lobotomy in 16 days?

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