November 29, 2008

All I want for Christmas is... a new government

There were tantalizing news stories about a no-confidence vote that would take Steve out of office and put in a coalition government. I thought we'd already had our vote of no confidence. What the hell else do you call it when only half the population bothers to vote? It ain't the ringing endorsement Steve seems to think he got.

They should just challenge the Conservatives to a hockey game, winner take office. Canadian politics are usually so boring, this could really liven things up. Guaranteed to get a bigger audience than the debates did. Add a rockin soundtrack, and it's just like that Canadian classic, Raccoons on Ice.

I've had a couple more sales and added more photos to the shop. It seems black and white prints are the most popular, and this one of the tree will probably be my best seller.

And the weather channel keeps promising snow, but it hasn't hit yet. In preparation for real winter, we've been experimenting and have discovered that stovetop cocoa recipes are a thousand times better than the powdered tea kettle stuff, so now we're cocoa snobs.


Modris said...

Good lord do I hope they get Harper out of office. First he decided that we don't really need a science advisor in 2008 because it's not like science in the 21st century is complicated and important enough that it might be handy to have someone on hand who knows what the fuck is going on. Now the smarmy bastard thinks we can get by with having a chiropractor and acupunturist as our 'Minister of State for science and technology'. Seriously, this is the best he can do? Does he have even the slightest notion of what science is? Apparently not because accupunture and chiropractic are in no way, shape or form scientific. If you think otherwise, sorry, but you're wrong.

JulieAnnA said...

we've gotten a bit of snow here in michigan! it's not my favorite thing in the world, but at least it lets my snowboard! ;]


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