March 03, 2009

So much for that theory

Apparently, you can be too poor for the good toilet paper. The environmental costs are too high. This is why I don't bother making resolutions at New Years or any other time. There's always something that comes up that negates the whole thing.

Like this article that implies using soft toilet paper is the equivalent of driving a Hummer.
The environmentalists say regular use of soft tissue paper is flushing trees from Canada's ancient forests down the toilet and causing as much global warming pollution as someone who drives a gas-guzzler.
You know it's bad when these stories show up in the Calgary Herald, a city owned entirely by oil & gas. So when we finish the super deluxe tp I got on Friday, we're going back to recycled. We're just going to have to do some product testing to find the least objectionable. I'll let you know when we discover the best of the recycled tp options.


Angela said...

We started using Scott several years back. It's not so bad when your butt gets used to it :)

I prefer that Charmin with the has been years since I "squeezed the Charmin"

Sue Jansen said...

No Lisa, don't do it. If you can stand the sandpaper for your arse, think of Gord's delicate bottom!!

Some things you just have to do, and recycled bum roll is NOT one of them!

Digital Misfit said...

Soft TP is one of those things I just can't sacrifice. I figure I can do something else to offset that part of my carbon footprint.
If you find some great cushy tushy tp of the recycled variety that isn't also a budget-killer, I would love to know!
If you wind up with more sandpaper, remember - TP makes awesome paperclay !


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