March 03, 2009


I have that pale, pasty corpse skin with undertones of purple. It's time to start fake 'n baking or buy black eyeliner in bulk. I'm leaning towards eyeliner, if only because I've read no reports that emo leads to cancer.

I missed school. That whole week where I was full and heavy with ennui, that was me missing the learning. Aw.

Every night, I go to bed with the intent to get up, make a healthy breakfast, and not have to rush. To take the stairs, not the escalator, to get green tea or water instead of coffee, cream, sugar, doughnut, diabetes, death, all for $2.54!

Every morning I say fuck it and hit snooze.




Getupgetdressedgetoutgetonthetrain switchtrains gettoschool getinline.....ahhhh. Get coffee in system. Get grubby little hands on doughnut. Come on, get happy.

My dear friend Kristy always says goodbye with a cheery "Make good choices!"....I keep intending to, that counts for something, right?

1 comment:

Angela said...

Yeah, me too. I always set my alarm for one time...then when I wake up at around 6 to pee I have a change of heart and move my alarm back to 9:30.

I suck.


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