June 12, 2009

I have a blog?

Oh yeah.

I think I've been interacting with so many people in the real world that when I come home, all I'm capable of is hiding in the bathtub with a book. Blessed silence. Only, I've gone and done a very stupid thing. I packed all my books in a fit of 'shit, we're moving in two weeks-edness' and now I have nothing to do but play Sims 3. (or clean the house...but you know what? Gord does that. He's a good little monkey, he is.)

My brother sent me a link to a blog, and what I thought was going to be funny (like the time my Unabomber Sim died of bathroom desperation) turned out to be kind of melancholy and eye opening as to the hardships of Simlife. And real life, I guess. You can check out the story of being homeless in Sims 3 here.


Anonymous said...

Oh I want the Sims 3 so bad. Your link isn't working for me, though.

Modris said...

The link should be this:
I think. It can be sad, or just darkly hilarious, depending on how you look at it.

Angela said...

Yes you have a blog and I would appreciate it if you would stop abandoning us :)

I want to hear some funny stories about your new job...cause I know you have some.

I totally understand the whole hiding from the public thing... I think that is why I prefer online friends.

Lisa said...

I fixed the link, it should take you to Alice & Kev now.

Funny work stories... I'll try to do it without getting fired :)


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