June 20, 2009


I am an addict. That's how you start at one of these meetings, right? State your name and your shame? So I have an addiction. There are a lot of mornings I can barely drag myself out of bed when the alarm goes because I was feeding my addiction all night. When I'm red eyed and out of it at work, I mumble something about "not sleeping very well", but that's a lie. The only reason I'm not sleeping is because of this damn addiction.

So here goes. All those times I don't call you back, or even come to the phone when you call, all those excuses for not going out with friends, all those bloodshot mornings..it's because I'm reading. Half the time it's not even a new book, so I don't have old 'have to know what happens' as an excuse for blowing you off, or showing up late. I'm addicted and would rather be home with a book than pretty much anywhere.

Oh, I slay me. But I was thinking about this today, because one of my coworkers is a smoker, and god love him, I don't begrudge him a smoke break, but why the special consideration for that particular addiction, while my plight goes unnoticed? Do you know how much happier I'd be at work if I could take a 10 minute read break whenever I needed to chill? I might never come home bitching again. Ok, that's a stretch, but there'd be fewer 'quit fantasies', that's for damn skippy.


Modris said...

Oh the shame! To have the world know that I'm related to one of you filthy, degenerate readers. Damn you 'literate' people and your 'books' with all of their 'words'! I tried to stage an intervention for you before you moved, but none of us could read so it was a pain in the ass to try and organize.

TMCPhoto said...

I am an addict too. I read re-read and read again. I too think that it's totally unfair that those smokers get to sneak off whenever they need a break. You're in good company

Angela said...

I never re-read. I am still working on my 4th giveaway book (same one I have been on for months)...I love when I get in reading mode. I need to get back into it and give some more books away.


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