July 09, 2009

Fuck karma

Wondering where I've been the last 2 weeks? Our new place has roaches. I've been cleaning and killing, cleaning and killing, cleaning and killing, every day after work. The problem is I don't know where they're coming from. We really only see them in the kitchen, but every damn thing in there has been moved, cleaned, bleached, scrubbed, roach sprayed, bleached and cleaned again, Gord caulked all the cracks around the kitchen on the weekend, and there are still one or two of those damn things every night.

Because of the cats, we're using pet friendly roach spray and chinese chalk and I'm about to go to the hardware store for some powder to put in corners and under appliances. I am losing my mind. I can hardly stand to eat in the apartment, even though we've put all our food in tupperware containers. Normally, Gord and I are pretty bug tolerant. Spiders and beetles are scooped up and set gently on the grass outside, moths are left to flutter themselves to death against lightbulbs, and none of these tiny creatures bother me. But there's something repulsive about roaches, and we have become ruthless killers. There's a sick sort of triumph when I spray one and watch it die. But killing them individually isn't fast enough. I need a roach genocide, and I need it now.


PK said...

I feel your pain. I live in Hawaii, and trust me they rule. Not the little guys, either. These are what my husband calls the tankers, the big daddys, the tank type. For real. At night, they come out and get into a flying frenzy, and when they land they make a loud thump. Oh, and they love it when we turn the light on, that's when they come flying right at you. I guess it's the law of attraction, the thing you despise the most comes right at you. But I feel your pain, and hope it gets better. Here in Hawaii, everyones got them. We use the roach motel traps, they help for the little guys, but the tankers, well a slipper, does the job for them. But the mess, sucks. Wish you luck.


Angela said...

I hate to say it...but if you have a nasty neighbor you will not get rid of them...unless you kill the neighbor and bleach and clean their apartment. Sorry :(

Matt said...

Yes - it is virtually hopeless, I am deeply sorry to tell you. You will probably never be able to be entirely free of them unless the problem is addressed comprehensively throughout the building all at once. And even then there is no guarantee. Very sorry. Been through it.


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