May 03, 2009

Vacation mode

We've been doing liver exercises this week, in the form of beer, vodka and the last of the birthday rum in preparation for our visit home. Not that everyone in Calgary drinks all the time or anything. Just being prepared.

We have achieved bachelor fridge, in that there's only a single lonely onion and a bunch of condiments in there. And enough milk for morning coffees - no one can expect us to make it to the airport at 7AM coffee free.

I've set the Etsy & Artfire shops to vacation mode, and the cats to sleep mode.

looking forward to airline peanuts and in-flight movies starring Kevin Bacon, or maybe Michael Keaton....OOoooh i hope it's Multiplicity.

And with that, it'll most likely be 2 weeks before you hear from me again, because where we're going - we don't need blogs.

1 comment:

Angela said...

Have fun and get in lots of trouble! You will be missed!


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